Library Technology

UT technology services are mainly administered by the Office of Information Technologies and the Informatics and Telecommunications (IT) Division under the Vice-chancellorship of Information Resources with the collaboration of the SUAGM Central Information and Telecommunications Office. Currently, the institutional IT division is staffed with 15 associates; two (2) at the management level, eight (8) for technical services and classroom/ laboratories support, three (3) for communications, security, network services, and network infrastructure support and, one (1) who administers the electronic library systems.  The Office of Information Technologies is staff with 13 associates two (2) at the management level, two (2) for Audio and TV services, one (1) for Graphic Art services; four (4) for Audiovisual Services: one (1) regular and three (3) part times; and four (4) for the Open Access Computer Lab services: one (1) regular and three (3) part times. These part timers attend services on the night and weekend shifts.


UT has thirty-four (34) academic computer labs at the main campus and twenty-three (23) at the six (6) university centers. The local computer network has 35 servers and 4,329 workstations installed in the academic and administrative units. To maintain technological infrastructure up-to-date, especially network communications equipment, servers, software, computers and multimedia equipment, the institution has a multi-year cycle Equipment Replacement Plan.  It has been able to replace equipment, but unable to hire more staff because of budgetary constraints. In an effort to keep abreast the institution’s technological demands, UT has incorporated trained computer technology students to provide technical support to faculty and students in the language centers and all computer labs. The institution continues to equip classrooms with multimedia projectors, screens, AV controllers, interactive systems, expand access to Wi-Fi, and upgrade computer laboratories at the schools and at the Vice Chancellorship of Information Resources.  Currently, 100% of classrooms have a projector and other technology; 92% (24 of 26) of PC laboratories have projectors; and other laboratories 39% (20 of 51).