Glossa: The first and only linguistic academic journal published in Puerto Rico

Vujisic, Zoran

Glossa is an international journal that covers a wide variety of subjects concerning all the different aspects of language. The journal welcomes authoritative, innovative and pragmatic scholarship from all areas of Social Sciences and Humanities. Contributions from the neighboring disciplines are welcome in this journal provided that they have some bearing on the functioning of language.

Since June 2006, GLOSSA has promoted and published transdisciplinary research based on the notion of heterarchy. What is the link between heterarchy and transdisciplinarity? The proposition is propaedeutical. If transdisciplinarity is the approach for combining/transcending disci-plines in integrative, creative, and innovative ways, then heterarchy is an investigative/heuristic metaphor and analytic framework for operationalizing and managing the approach/process.