Puerto Rico: an island in crisis

Leom, Grace Di


The objectives of the present case study are to: 1) understand the historical perspectives related to the political, economic, and social factors and trends that led Puerto Rico to its current situation; 2) identify Puerto Rico‟s political, economic and social problems; 3) review, evaluate, and assess these problems; and, 4) explore new strategies for progress and the future. In order to achieve these objectives, the case study addresses and discusses the same under the following subheadings: 1) „Overview of Key Developments‟, i.e., the principal factors that shaped Puerto Rico‟s political, economic, and social landscape; 2) „Puerto Rico‟s Report Card‟, i.e., a description of Puerto Rico‟s current state of affairs; 3) „Identification and Analysis of Causes‟, i.e., an assessment of the factors contributing to Puerto Rico‟s predicament; and, 4) „The Next Step‟, i.e., recommendations for the future.

Economic Crisis
Social Sciences & Communications